When I was a kid I loved lying on the floor with the Sears catalog to decide what I would ask Santa to bring me. The thin slick pages held the promise of Barbie Town Houses (which I did get one year), dolls that drank and peed, toy kitchens complete with A MICROWAVE and serious looking chemistry sets (which I never received). The selection on those pages was so much MORE than what was on the shelf at my local Wal-Mart.

It’s with the same excitement and wonder that I get to put together my annual list of Top Fitness Gifts! The bonus is I am not limited to ONE STORE! One of the best things about the Internet is online shopping. I love to buy things local but, as it was when I was a kid, there are some wonderful things you just can’t get local stores – especially in Springfield, MO. You might be luckier and able to find all of these in your hometown. As always, my list of favorite fit gifts is a combination of the things I love and own as well as the things I’ll be asking Santa for this year. It’s the perfect place to start when building your own wish list, your gym buddy or GUYS if you need some ideas for fitness gifts for her.

  • Ninja Ultima Blender
    This blender (that I WON at IDEA World Fitness) has changed my life. Mixing date balls is a snap and I can juice just about anything while keeping the fiber.
  • Salomon Ellipse GTX Hiking Shoes
    I am a newbie hiker whose last pair of hiking shoes caused blisters and the loss of a toenail. Needless to say I was a bit nervous when I bought these shoes WITHOUT trying them on before our Oahu trip. I barely had time to break them in before we left but they were AMAZING. We did lots of walking and hiking with no hot spots and no pain. They are comfortable, cute and extremely functional.
  • Skinnytaste Cookbook
    I love her blog! This book is on my wish list. I’ve seen fantastic photos on Instagram of the recipes in “real life” as well rave reviews from a couple of clients.
  • Gluten Free Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
    My husband has been using their methods for years. I started making gluten free bread this year from the Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, the olive oil bread and the not-so-rye, with great success. I am really looking forward to testing out some recipes from this new book.
  • Element: Daily Yoga DVD
    With separate workouts for an energizing morning or to relax at night, these workouts are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to do yoga in a crowd or who doesn’t have time for a 90 minute class. I loved how I felt doing the AM version the day after being on a plane for 7 hours coming back from Oahu. (Note: I was sent a copy of this DVD for review but I was not paid to review it or asked to include it on this list.)
  • Orange Chef Prep Pad
    Ready to take your food scale to a whole new level? This food scale connects to your iPad and helps you with logging your food and meal planning. Isn’t technology the best!
  • FBG (Fit Bottomed Girls) Apparel OH MY QUAD shirt
    The best t-shirt saying EVER… I would wear it almost every day in the gym if Santa brought me one.
  • DAVIDsTea The Festive Collection
    I see DAVIDsTea on Instagram all the time. Everyone raves about their blends so I’m putting this on my personal wish list so I can do a little tea tasting, I am most curious about the Chocolate Chili Chai.
  • Multi Flask Complete Drinking System
    From fruit infused water to hot tea for the morning commute, the Multi Flask system does it all! It’s perfect to take with you all day between gym, office, the kids soccer practice and book club. You might never need another water bottle again! Plus all parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe. I hope it shows up under my tree this year!
  • Garmin VivoFit
    There are many activity trackers to choose from but I find that clients who have them really love their VivoFit. What makes them pick this one from all the others? The RED BAR. It gives you an easy visual – the growing red bar – when you haven’t moved. The longer you stay still, the longer the bar grows. The longer it grows the more you have to move to get it to go away. Instant accountability! They also love it because it does not have to be charged. It has a watch battery with stated life of on year. Huge plus if you are forgetful like me.

What’s on your Fit Wish List this year? Are you going to ask Santa for one of the things on my list this year?

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