I am excited that the Farmers Market of the Ozarks will be open all winter long. I may not be there for the opening bell at 9 am, perhaps waiting a little bit for the morning chill to subside, but I plan on going as often as I can. I realize the selection will be smaller but I’ve been told I’ll be surprised by the variety.

No matter the weather, there are a few vendors I feel I can count on to always be there. I am feeling confident that the things I love from them will be available no matter what the weather.

  • I am counting on my newest favorite to keep me warm on a cold winter morning. Coffee is very popular at the market. Until recently I was very distressed by my inability to find a proper cup of tea. Then the London Calling Pasty Company food truck appeared one brilliant morning. They are now my first stop to pick up a cup of P&G tips. It makes my market morning just a little bit brighter no matter what the weather. I haven’t tried their signature treat, the pasty (pronounced Pass-tee), yet but I hear they are delicious!

  • Echigo Farm is my stop for my FAVORITE treat, an anpan. I don’t get one every week (that would be a habit not a treat) but a few times a year I will make their booth my last stop. I’ll pick one of the red bean paste filled pastries to take home and enjoy for a morning snack with a cup of green tea. This small family farm also offers a nice selection of fermented food like kimchi and tempeh. If they start making tofu, as they have hinted on their website, I might have to sign up for their CSA.

  • A vendor that IS turning into a habit is PT Gardens. Their selection of herbs, peppers, salts and spice mixes are not only helpful for cooking but the herbs also make great teas! I love buying the chocolate mint leaves and making a lovely pot of chocolate mint tea. It’s very simple. You tear the leaves into your favorite pot or cup, then steep in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. The taste is so simple and pure there is no need to add anything else.

Farmers Market of the Ozarks is also ready to help you make the holidays healthy AND delicious with special cooking classes and pre-holiday markets for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Check out the seasonal schedule here to help you plan your holiday feasts.

How is your local farmers market going to help you make your holidays special? Anyone going to do their holiday gift shopping at the farmers market?

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