Monthly Workout Playlist May 2014
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It’s only May but I am soooo ready for summer. It’s been a long and hard winter in Missouri and I hate the cold. Plus we’ve already had a couple of 80 degree days. I’m ready to pull out my tank tops and put away my sweaters.

I’m also ready for summer music. Every summer has a theme song. It’s that ONE song that you hear on the radio at every cook out and pool party. It sticks in your mind and when you hear it years later you go right back to THAT summer. This month’s playlist is made up of my top contenders for the Song of Summer 2014.

  • It’s On Again by Alicia Keys: From a sure to be summer blockbuster – The Amazing Superman 2.
  • Marilyn Monroe by Pharrell Williams: I am sure Happy will hang around too.
  • Summer by Calvin Harris: This one is kind of a given.
  • Wild Wild Love by Pitbull/G.R.L: Unless of course he churns out two or three more hits before August.
  • Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo: When someone first mentioned this song on Facebook I confused it with the Poison song. That was another long ago song of summer.
  • Animals by Martin Garrix: I’ve also pegged this as the one hit wonder of the summer.
  • Ain’t It Fun by Paramore: I was so surprised to find out who the artist was on this song. I’m not normally a Paramore fan.
  • Young Girls by Bruno Mars: In another time this would have been my personal summer anthem.
  • Burn by Ellie Golding: It’s been out for a bit but I see it lingering through the summer.
  • Sleeping With a Friend by Neon Trees: All I can think of is a fleeting college summer romance when I hear this song.

Think I’m making my prediction too early? Maybe. Got a tune that is already your summer theme song? Tell me about it!

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