Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
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image by W Brian Duncan

The holiday season is in full swing, smashed into a smaller than normal window of time due to a later than normal Thanksgiving. All the festivities are crammed into just 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. You’re going to need to be smart in navigating all the ornament exchanges, open houses and holiday candy overflowing from your office mates’ desks.  You don’t want erase all the hard work from the rest of the year in a matter of weeks.

My Island of Health has some simple rules for navigating the holidays in a fun AND fit way.

  1. If you really enjoy it, eat it.
    I love deviled eggs. I get them once, maybe twice, a year. I will eat too many of them but I will enjoy every bite.
  2. Say no to the crap.
    Let’s be real for a minute. Those popcorn tins and chocolate gift baskets in the office break room or you “win” at the white elephant gift exchange don’t taste good. Don’t waste your calories on low quality foods. If you’re going to have chocolate, have some small bites of the good stuff. You’ll be much more satisfied.
  3. Choose wisely.
    If something happens everyday it’s not a treat. It’s a habit. You can’t go to every party you’re invited to and indulge at each one. Pick one or two that mean something to you and enjoy. You’ll need to say no to the others or have a strategy to keep it clean while you’re there.

Need some options to help you enjoy without going off the deep end?  Here are some ideas to enjoy the festivities without going overboard.

  • Do you have a neighborhood cookie party like I do? Try my Vegan Pumpkin Cookies to satisfy your cookie craving. They are based on my great grandma’s cookies, a childhood favorite, and you’re friends will love them with a cup of hot tea.
  • Maybe coffee is more your thing? Skip the coffee shop mocha and try this lighter version from Well of Health. This version of the Skinny Peppermint Mocha has a lot less sugar than the kind in the red cup.
  • The office potluck is coming. You can bring the veggie tray or you can bring this Butternut Squash Cranberry Oat Bread from Fit Happy Mama. No one has to know it has extra veggies in it to make up for the oil.
  • Need something easy and crunchy for the ornament party or book club? Try my own Special Party Mix. The crunch comes from puffed wheat, which can easily be subbed with puffed rice to make it gluten free. The sweetness comes from carob chips and dried fruit. Simple to make and simple to eat.

What’s the treat you indulge in every year? What’s a classic you’ve figured out how to make healthier?

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