I had another post planned for today. I write several days ahead, particularly when Brian is going to be gone so he can edit and format the post before he leaves.

But as I sat down to write the planned post I saw the first tweets about what happened in Boston. Suddenly anything I had to say seemed trite.

Although I am not close to anyone who was running the Boston Marathon I did have acquaintances running, including the wife of my KY3 Fit Friday cohost and members of my FitFluential family. Yet everyone suddenly felt like family. My chest tightened, tears welled in my eyes and I started to ask WHY?

That’s what we do when something senseless happens, when tragedy strikes. We try to make sense. We want a reason. We want a logical answer to an illogical situation. How could something like this happen to people who are chasing a dream and enjoying their moment of triumph?

The answer, even if it were to present itself at this moment, cannot and would not under any circumstances make sense. There isn’t a way to justify violence and loss. So instead of this futile effort of trying to make sense of something so senseless, I want you to make the most of what you have – TODAY.

No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. So honor life lost by stopping the excuses for putting off living YOUR life.

  • Stop saying, “I can’t wait till Friday.” Friday may never come so be glad for the hours you have today.
  • Stop saying, “I wish I could spend more time with my family.” Wishing is pointless unless there is action. You’ll never wish you were at work more or had watched more Dancing with the Stars.
  • Stop saying, “We’ll take that vacation next year or when we retire.” A life delayed is a life unlived. The world is just waiting for you to seek it out.

Sudden tragedies will never make sense, no matter if they person responsible is caught or not. Yet the biggest tragedy may be the one we can prevent; living without passion, drifting through your days with no joy or purpose. Your life is yours, do what you love.

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