Fat Loss Success Story: Better U Challenge Update
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image by Neil Fowler

Do you ever wonder what happens to people after the weight loss challenge is over? What happens after they leave the Biggest Loser Ranch? What happens after the makeover and real life takes over again?

I always do. That is why I love the fact that I still get regular updates from my Better U Challenge team. We only had 12 short weeks together but that doesn’t mean their journeys came to an end. I am happy to say they have kept on rolling! Here are few updates I got from the ladies after Thanksgiving.

Better U Challenge got me going. I am jogging 3 to 4 miles 6 days a week and going to Doling 2 to 3 times a week to use the weights. I am trying to fit a class in know and then. I am thinking of adding a yoga class at some point. I feel great! – Janet

Discovered Pilates. Won the Mama’s Meltdown. Lost more than 40 pounds. Wearing a size 14. But none of that compares to having my life changed by Go Red. I continue to walk the dogs every day – 3 miles in the morning, about 2 in the afternoon, go to yoga three times a week, Pilates once, swimming once. Life is very different now and I have no intention of going back to my sedentary lifestyle. This is way too much fun! – Linda, the Better U Champion 2012

Strength training class 2 – 3 x wk. Cardio 4-5 x wk. Not as much as I was; I was working out every day but Sunday, but I am ramping it up again. Sometimes I start out by slamming the medicine ball 50 times, then go for a brisk walk/jog. Sometimes I wear a weighted vest for a walk. Food: I nearly OD’d on pie on Thanksgiving and have no desire for anymore. My sister & I did our own turkey trot that morning & then we all went for a 45 min brisk walk in the afternoon. I have lost 5 more pounds. Coming off so slowly….but that is ok. – Susan

Just got back from a 2 week trip to TX. I could never have done that before Better U and Pamela. I am just a few pounds from my goal weight and was able to manage my diet well in TX, but exercise was a little harder to maintain. Gained no weight though and could never have made the trip alone before. – Tanya

12 weeks of simple changes and basic workouts – that was the foundation they needed to make a lasting change in their lives. They learned how to move their bodies, safely and effectively. They learned about the importance of food quantity and quality. But most importantly they learned that they are capable and strong. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the new year and have them as mentors to a new group of Better U Challengers in 2013!

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