The Best Sites for Healthy Recipes
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image by Daniele Pieroni

How lucky are we to be living and working in the digital age? Information is readily available to us, literally always at our fingertips. Never again will we argue for hours over song lyrics or the voice on some TV commercial. All we have to do is Google it to settle the score.

We can look up how to do and make anything. This is extremely helpful when it comes to cooking. Since fewer people are learning to cook at home or in school, the Internet is the culinary training ground for most of us. It’s how I learned to cook beans from dried. It taught me the wonders of shirataki noodles.  I go online for basic measurement conversions or what spice may substitute for another when I run out.

There is also a lot of bad information out there. When I quiz clients about their go to sources for recipes I get some pretty questionable web sites. All Recipes may have all the recipes but not all of them are good for you. Or they find dishes that look amazing on Pinterest but when you attempt to make them they are either way too complicated for everyday life or don’t live up to their online image.

I have a few resources that I share with clients who are making a transition to healthier meals.  Of course I like to share my own favorite creations, like my Vanilla Coconut Protein Pancakes. But I am not an expert when it comes to creating recipes. I do have moments of inspiration, like my Iron Woman Smoothie but there are many who have more culinary creativity than I. The following sites provide a great selection of recipes for all tastes and budgets.

Clean Eating Magazine: Not only can you find many of the great recipes from the magazine, they also share the meal plans. I don’t expect clients to follow the meal plans, but they provide helpful examples of quick meals and snacks. You can also search recipes by “5 Ingredients or Less” or “20 Minutes or Less”.

Vegetarian Times: While it may take a month or two, eventually all recipes from the magazine are listed here. Anyone struggling to eat more veggies will find lots of helpful cooking tips here as well as delicious recipes.

Eat Clean Diet: Tosca and her readers post some pretty tasty recipes. If you’re new to eating clean, this a great place to start. You’ll also find lots of tools like shopping lists to make the process easier.

SkinnyTaste: The name isn’t my favorite but the recipes are yummy. Most are easy and focused on whole foods. One of my favorite green smoothie recipes, the Skinny Green Monster, comes from this site.

What’s your favorite source for clean and healthy fare? Any sites you’ve visited, tried and want others to stay away from?

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