I was recently honored to be chosen to do a guest post for my Eat Clean Hero, Tosca Reno. This post appeared on her blog on  April 27, 2012. I wanted to share it here, just in case you missed it. Go to Tosca’s blog to read all the other outstanding vegetarian and vegan guest posts.

Progress Not Perfection
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image by W Brian Duncan

I am a vegetarian.

I eat clean.

I am a personal trainer.

I am not perfect.

My whole fitness journey, now in its 14th year, has been a work in progress. First, learning how to manage portions and find balance in my early meat free but carb heavy diet. Then learning being fit doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym; it’s quality not quantity that matters in workouts. More recently I discovered clean eating and how to do it without chicken or salmon and fewer frozen veggie burgers.

It’s this concept of progress, not perfection, and slow transformation that I teach to my clients. They want to change every aspect of their diet and fitness overnight. They want to know what I eat or what I do when I work out. I am never afraid to share my workouts or food log, but I always tell them it took me years to get where I am today. In fact, my goal is to help prevent them from making many of the mistakes that I did by giving them the tools that I didn’t have when I started, like Clean Eating Magazine

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I reassure them, telling them it may seem slow but in 6 months or a year they will look back and be amazed at how far they have come, one small change at a time.  I also counsel them that it will never be perfect but each choice is an opportunity to be a better.

That’s why I live and teach a clean eating, plant based and fit lifestyle. I’m not perfect, but each day I want to be better. I believe I can be better. I believe you can be better too.

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