Goodbye Tough Love Bob
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Robert Kennedy (1938-2012)

Sometimes in life we have to take a step back and think about what is really important. There are times when blogging, work and perhaps fitness need to take a back seat. The past couple of weeks have been one of those times, not for me but for someone whom I admire greatly.

At the beginning of the month I shared a recipe by Tosca Reno from her new Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook. It was a kick off of sorts for the month of April; of celebrating being a vegetarian, eating clean and being fit with a review of her cookbook, the recipe challenge and sharing my guest post for Tosca’s blog.

These plans were derailed by the untimely and sad death of her husband, fitness guru and publisher Robert Kennedy, on April 13.

I struggled with this post for many reasons. I was very moved by the outpouring of love and grief I saw expressed online by Tosca and Robert’s family and friends. Her blog posts and tweets brought me to tears. I could only imagine how she felt, not knowing how I could manage to go on if something were to happen to the person who helped me start my journey, my love and my best friend, Brian.  I wanted to respect her grief, respect the solemnness of the situation.

Then I felt the need to share how Tough Love Bob had inspired me. But would that appear contrived, somehow taking advantage of the situation? I wanted to share why the follow up to the recipe challenge wasn’t forthcoming, I didn’t want anyone to think I had forgotten or given up. But in a situation like this does a blog post really matter at all?

My goal for this blog has always been to be real and to deal with the challenges that the real world and real life present to each of us every day. Losing someone we love is a very real thing that will happen to all of us. Each person deals with that loss in his or her own way. Grieve and honor those who are important to you. Workouts, work and any number of “important” things may fall by the wayside temporarily. And that’s okay.

Anything can be yours. Let your imagination run wild, plan and act. I envy your chances. – Robert Kennedy

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