It’s that time of year again! No, not back to school or football. It’s time for the voting for the Best of issue of 417 Magazine!  I need your help to voted, once again, the Best Personal Trainer in 417.

I am asking for your vote for Best Personal Trainer because I am not one to rest on my laurels.  You were kind enough to make me the winner for 2011 and I still feel I owe you a huge thank you for that one!  I hope that every day this year I have not just lived up to your expectations but exceeded them.

You see, I’ve never been happy just “getting by”.  I was the girl in high school striving for the 4.0 and wouldn’t be satisfied with performance assessments that said “meets expectations”.  I want to be the best, to go above and beyond. Since you named me the Best in 417, I have worked every day to be the best.

I don’t think being the best means putting together the hardest workouts and shouting at you to “Give me 20!”. Being the best isn’t about making you run extra sprints as punishment for missed workouts or margaritas.  Being the best isn’t about having the biggest gym or the latest fad equipment. To me being the best is helping you feel that YOU are the BEST.

Everyone comes to me with a different goal, a different definition of what their BEST is. My goal as a personal trainer is to move you forward on this journey, to meet those goals and find your personal BEST.  How I do that is by giving you my BEST:

  • We start were you are. My goal is not to break you but build you up.
  • It’s the one time were it really is all about you. I design your program for you, not by picking a program to fit you into.
  • You won’t get lost in the group because there are no groups, just you and me. I’m putting the PERSONAL back in personal training.
  • It’s not just about the session.  I am full service, when you need me I am there.

I believe these things make me the best and I hope you do too.  If so, then please take a few minutes to vote for me as the Best Personal Trainer in 417-land. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the 2012 Best of 417 Readers’ Choice Awards Page
  2. Vote for all your 417-land favorites.
  3. Be sure to Enter the Math answer and Click Next Page at the bottom of each page/tab.
  4. On page 4 (Shopping + Services) enter the following for Best Personal Trainer:

Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness

  1. Finish the survey by entering your information on the last page.

Thank you for your vote and all of your support all year long!

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