Do you know why I say diets don’t work? Because fad diets have a finish line, an end point. They are not meant to be done long term.  When you reach the finish, and return to the normal that got you into trouble in the first place, you basically go back to the starting line.

Fitness Has No Finish Line
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image by terren in Virginia

Fitness has no finish line.

Living healthy and fit means just that. It’s about living, and for many, that’s the hard part.

Diets give you a set of hard and fast rules to follow. Don’t eat carbs.  Eat less than 800 calories a day. Only eat cabbage soup.  You don’t have to think, you don’t have to plan, you don’t have to exercise-just follow the rigid rules for 30 days and your weight will be gone.

And at the end of the 30 days the weight may be gone (some water, some muscle with perhaps a little fat) but there is no plan to keep it off.  Pretty soon the weight is back with a couple of extra pounds for good measure. The roller coaster of fad diets begins.

Living healthy and fit means changing how you live. Not for 30 days, but for a lifetime.  There is no deadline only a commitment to something better. It’s not perfect because life never is. It’s a dedication to making progress.

If you’re considering hitting the easy button and trying the latest miracle weight loss product or diet, think about all the promises the diet industry has made you in the past. How many programs and products have you tried, only to be let down when life kicks in again? Now think about exercise. When have you ever done a workout and not felt good, wished you hadn’t done it? When was the last time you ate a healthy, clean meal and regretted it the next day?

Make your journey about the process, not the end point. Make it about feeling good every day and being proud of your progress and choices. I guarantee you will not have buyer’s remorse if you do.

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