I love people with passion. I like to think my passion for fitness and health attracts others with passion.

Bearded Brothers Energy Bars
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Bearded Brothers

For example, in Austin I was lucky enough to meet up with a great guy from Twitter named Matt (aka @NoMeatAthlete) who has a passion for vegetarianism and the idea that meat is not a necessary ingredient to being a successful athlete.  He in turn introduced me to another great guy named Caleb who has a passion for running, cycling, rock climbing and raw organic food.

It was his passion, this need to fuel his own pursuits, which led to the creation of possibly the best energy bar I have ever tasted.

Caleb was handing out samples of the bars by his company, Bearded Brothers, at the Gowalla Airstream at SXSW and happened to have a few with him when we all met for dinner at Kerbey Lane (so many vegetarian options on the menu it made my heart sing, my head spin, and my stomach grumble). I first tried the Ginger Peach. I am not normally fond of peach but the fresh ginger balanced it out so well. It’s a date based bar, so the sweetness is all natural. Big plus over many energy bars.

Then someone tossed me a Vanilla Blueberry which is also a date based bar but with rice protein powder added. This gives it a bit more substance than your standard energy.  One bite and I was completely sold. The blueberries are fresh, organic and bursting with flavor. The addition of almonds to the mix gives it a good dose of healthy fats. 

These bars are perfect for those with a passion to be outdoors, who go go go but don’t need a bar with a lot of sugar or chocolate that’s going to melt. It’s perfect for a busy mom who just needs something healthy to throw in her purse or diaper bag for an easy on the go snack. This bar is perfect for someone avoiding gluten, whose vegan or eats a raw diet. This bar is perfect for pretty much everyone who needs something to fuel the pursuit of their passion.

Sold by the box, or by the case, unless you live in Austin you’ll have to get them online. My favorite is the Vanilla Blueberry but you might try the variety pack to see which one is perfect for you.  As a bonus, Caleb as graciously agreed to give my readers a 15% discount on orders from now till March 31, 2011. Just use the discount code “thrive” when you checkout. Go to Bearded Brothers to get your supply.

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