Who's Really Stopping You?
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image by BotheredByBees

My kids

My spouse

My co-workers

My parents

My boss

What do these people have in common?

They are reasons given why someone cancels their personal training session, why they ate a slice of deep dish pizza instead of the lunch the packed or even just skipped lunch altogether.

Yet really, when it comes down to it, who’s really stopping you?

Yes, you want to go to lunch with your co-workers and you should be social. But they didn’t make you order the double burger, fries and shake did they?  You could have chosen the chili instead.

Your kids are extremely important. Yes, you need to go to soccer practice and teacher conferences and help with their homework.  However what about the time spent after, sitting on the couch while they do the things they enjoy?  You probably could have done something. A plank or jumping jacks during the commercials count more than you think.

We often blame others for why we can’t do something or why we make a decision to do something we know we shouldn’t.

I used to be the same way. Before I figured it out and got serious about my journey, the person I was dating would often want me to go out to eat with him instead of go to the kickboxing class I had signed up for. It was only an hour. I could have easily gone to class and then hung out with him. But he was my “out”. I wasn’t yet committed to health and fitness so he gave me a reason to let it slid. Did I see it that way then? Of course not.  In my mind he was to blame not me.

You are really the one who controls your time and your habits. They can be influenced by others, but to what degree is up to you.

So the next time you start to say that you couldn’t do something or you made a bad choice because of someone else stop and think.  Who really made the choice? Don’t feel guilty but don’t place blame. Own the choice as your own and think about how you might make a different one next time. Find the choice that supports your values and takes care of you so you can take care of them.

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