Food and Family
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image by Caitlinator

Let’s talk about food pushers.

You know what a food pusher is, right?

They are those people who say things like:

“You’re so skinny; you don’t need to watch what you eat.”

“Oh one piece won’t hurt, you can have one piece.”

“But I made it just for you, you have to have some.”

“What’s wrong with you, everyone else likes (insert sugary fatty food here).”

Food pushers are those who can’t accept your healthy and fit way of eating. At every party, office potluck or family get together they are the people who seem to go out of their way to ply you with cookies, cakes, and all manner of deep fried fatty foods.

The holiday season is prime time for food pushers. Holidays bring people together that may not see each other the rest of the year. Those closest to you, who you see all the time, may understand why you want the carrots and hummus and not the chips and spinach artichoke dip. They understand how dedicated you are to a healthier and fitter you.  Great Aunt Myrtle may not.

So you need to be prepared on how to say no and how to say it politely but firmly.  Here are my top 5 ways to say no to food:

  1. No, thank you. Simple and quick. No need for a detailed reason on why you refuse cake, just move on to the next topic of conversation.
  2. I already ate before I came, but I would love some tea or coffee. A great way to show appreciation for hospitality without extra calories. Having something in your hands will also keep them busy and not reaching for munchies.
  3. I already had some and it was fantastic! Here is white lie number #1. Sometimes you have to do it.
  4. I am so stuffed, but I would love to take some home with me to enjoy later. White lie number #2. Take home for others or throw it out.
  5. I’m allergic to (insert secret ingredient here). White lie #3. No one wants to mess with food allergies.

The key to surviving the holidays is to have a plan. Have these phrases on the ready before any office party or family get together.

Anyone else have a favorite defense against food pushers they would like to share?

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