This week my journey took another step forward.

The Fit Truth: You Must Strength Train
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image by ericmcgregor

I took and passed my ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management consultant test.

You are probably thinking, “Congratulations. Ummm, what does that mean?”

To you it might just mean I have some more letters after my name. To me it means I have some more great tools in my toolbox to help you be more successful on your journey to health and fitness. It also means that I have an increased commitment to educating myself in all areas effecting health and fitness.

As a personal trainer you learn a lot about exercise, anatomy, physiology and how to put it all together. You learn some about nutrition and about motivation.  Mostly, though, you learn about the exercise stuff. Which is good because a trainer who can’t tell their bicep brachaii from their bicep femoris is a problem.

However, the issue with most people and exercise is adherence. They know what they need to do but have a real big problem sticking with it. For weight loss you also need more than exercise. You need to understand the role of nutrition.  To keep the weight off you need to understand it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

The Lifestyle and Weight Management certification focuses on those “missing ingredients”.  It gives me more knowledge and skills to keep you following the program I designed. How to help you stick with the nutrition goals we came up with. How to make sure your exercise homework gets done.  I can’t say that everything I learned in preparing for the test was new to me. Yet, I did learn a lot and am glad I decided to pursue this additional certification.

My goal has always been to be the best personal trainer I can be. I want people to know the joy and health I have been blessed to know for over a decade now.  Anything that I can learn or do to help spread that message and keep moving people forward on the journey is well worth the time and effort on my part.

Before I was just a CPT. Now you can add LWMC to that too.

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