At the time I am writing this, I am on day five post surgery (my husband is still typing).

The swelling is down and my vision is starting to come back. There was a gas bubble placed in my eye to temporarily support the retina during healing. My two basic positions, face down and lying on my left side, help keep the bubble where it should be. At this point, I believe the bubble is what is impairing my vision the most. I feel good, with the exception of a sore neck and back from the positions I am required to keep.

My plan is, so far, keeping me sane and focused. My activity is pretty limited, but I’ve gone for two short walks outside and sometimes pace in my living room. As long as my nose points down, I’m okay.

I’m watching my food intake. I’m eating the name nutritious foods I always eat, just less of them. Thankfully my hunger is lower due to inactivity so I only have to battle the psychological triggers. Right now it would be easy to load up on comfort foods full of fat and salt; frozen meals, chips, cheese and crackers, etc. Boredom used to be one of my main overeating triggers, and I can’t remember being more bored than I am right now.

So I stay with the basics – five to six small meals and high volume, lower calorie foods full of vitamins. I’m also really trying to keep my brain active. I’ve recently discovered the world of free online university lectures. I can listen for hours and pass the time in a way that lets my eyes rest.

I also have the time for the reflection. My first a-ha is that my hard work has paid off in a time of stress. By maintaining a healthy weight and having normal numbers (cholesterol, blood-pressure, etc) it made the job of my medical team easier. By having strong muscles the pain in my back, from leaning over, is only about a 4 or 5; weak untrained muscles would probably have moved that to an 8 or 9.

My second a-ha is more of a reminder than a revelation. Time is precious, anything can change at any time; don’t waste it! If you’re not living the life you want, make changes NOW…not later. If health and fitness are on your list, move them to the top. Stop making excuses, stop saying I can’t, and start making it happen. Remember I said to focus on what you can control? You can control what goes in your body and the amount of exercise you get. If not now, when? You don’t know when life is going to take that choice from you.

I still have some recovery time ahead, but I am feeling positive. I will pass this test and I will continue on my fitness journey, ready for the next challenge and secure in the fact that I am focused and strong. In a similar situation, how would you respond?

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