Motivation Is Made Not Found


Everyone is motivated the first week.

The first workout ALWAYS feels good. It makes your cheeks glow, your brain buzz with endorphins and gives you the energy you’ve been craving.

The first week without sugar ALWAYS makes you feel amazing. You don’t feel sluggish. The bloat goes away. You think this is how I am supposed to feel.

But the first time you run up against a deadline at work and skip the gym or mindlessly grab a donut in the break room, it’s all over. With chocolate frosting on your lips, you ask yourself why you even bother. It’s the same thing every time. You start strong but fizzle just as fast. You just can’t keep yourself motivated.

Your motivation IS gone but you didn't lose it – you forgot to create it.

Motivation doesn’t come from your personal trainer or a Facebook challenge; it comes from your own inner coach.

Motivation is made, not found, through a commitment to doing the little things every day. It’s about setting up systems of accountability to yourself or others if necessary.

Unlock the secret to motivation by learning to create it for yourself. I’ve taken 30 of my best essays on motivation and put them into one place. I’ve arranged the chapters in order so each one builds on the next, perfect for anyone starting (or re-starting) their journey to real fitness. Each essay contains either:

  • Food for Thought:
    These are thoughts to ponder or questions to ask yourself. Use them to meditate on or journal about with a cup of tea.
  • Action Step:
    You have to do the work. These are steps you need to take outside of the gym to set yourself up for success. They action steps help you build support systems and structure for when you start to lose focus.

This is your plan to create inner accountability and commitment.

You can curl up with a cup of tea and read the book in its entirety on a Sunday afternoon. Then go back and take each chapter day-by-day or week-by-week. Or if you’re struggling with a particular challenge, like food and family or burnout, feel free to go directly to the chapter you need most right now. Maybe you'll read a chapter a week like Brenda T. is:

“The best part so far (I have not finished – just doing a chapter a week) is the can do attitude that comes across.  The taking control of your own life attitude.  The stop giving control of your life and health to other people.  I love the action steps.  I love that it is short – a quick read – but a lifetime of information.”

You can really read it any way you like so long as you read it AND do the activities at the end of chapter.

You can do this.You just need a plan. You need a voice to replace the inner critic in your head. Start here and unlock the secret to motivation.



Author: Pamela Hernandez

Digital PDF: 84 Pages

Publisher: Thrive Personal Fitness

Language: English

Unlock the secret to motivation with the new book Motivation Is Made Not Found by personal trainer and health coach Pamela Hernandez


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