Minimalist Meal Planning


With Minimalist Meal Planning, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed by cooking to feeling confident in the kitchen and experiencing the joy of always being able to answer the question, “what’s for dinner?”.

The Minimalist Meal Planning system is a process for creating simple meal plans for one or two people based on a curated recipe collection, utilizing shortcuts for shopping and embracing the philosophy of preparedness and letting go of perfection.

No more decision overload or spending hours in the kitchen. It’s time to clarify and simplify meal planning.



In this self-paced online class, I will:

  • Share the two habits all clients start with to put them on the road to food freedom.
  • Show you how to eliminate analysis-paralysis when it comes to choosing what to eat.
  • Give you a simple framework to create meal plans in minutes.
  • Teach you how to reduce the amount of time in the grocery store by shopping online.

The Minimalist Meal Planning system is “diet agnostic”. This framework can be used with every kind of diet from vegan to keto.



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