Emotional Eating Toolkit


With my Emotional Eating Toolkit, you’ll learn the skills you need to go from seeing food as your best frenemy to being more present and in control of your decisions about food by experiencing the power of mindfulness and finding alternative ways to process stress and other emotions.

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In this eight week program, you’ll get emotional eating help by practicing four simple habits.

Every two weeks, you’ll get a new habit designed to help you self-regulate eating behaviors and find more positive ways to cope. You’ll also get access to a set of short self-paced lessons when each habit is introduced. These lessons are designed to help you learn more about the habit and give you everything you need to put it into action immediately. Every day, you’ll get a check-in email to share your progress, get feedback and ask questions.

In addition to the daily check-ins and habits practice, you’ll also:

  • Learn how to do a simple kitchen reset
  • Find out why it’s so easy to overeat processed foods
  • Get strategies to help control treat consumption.
  • Find inspiration from a reading list curated to support an improved relationship with food.

I’ll also host at least two (maybe more) webinars to help sharpen your self-compassion skills and learn mindfulness meditation techniques.

Please note: I am a health coach, not a licensed therapist or counselor. This course is not intended to treat or diagnose disordered eating. Please consult your physician or a mental health professional if you feel you need help with disordered eating.

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