Minimalist Meal Planning

In less than an hour, I can teach you a system for creating meal plans in minutes and drastically reduce the amount of time you spend grocery shopping.



Is dinner time a nightmare at your house? Do shopping and cooking feel like just one more thing at the end of a busy day?


Eating healthy does not have to mean spending hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon or fighting the grocery store crowds after work.


Your time is valuable. In this selff-paced online course, I’ll help you set up your Minimalist Meal Planning system and teach you the formula to create meal plans in minutes.

In this online class, I will:

  • Show you how to eliminate analysis-paralysis when it comes to choosing what to eat.
  • Give you a simple framework and walk you through the process of creating your own two-week meal plan.
  • Teach you exactly how I shop for groceries online to save valuable free time for the moments that matter.

Are you ready to go from feeling overwhelmed by cooking to feeling confident in the kitchen and experiencing the joy of always being able to answer the question, “what’s for dinner?”.

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